[STDERR] Reached max children process limit: please increase LSAPI_CHILDREN.


I have this errors in stderr.log
[STDERR] [UID:1006][1041] Reached max children process limit: 21, extra: 7, current: 28, busy: 28, please increase LSAPI_CHILDREN.
First time I have this error when there was have limit to 10 connections.

After that I increased limit connection to 15. But after few hours still have that error but for 15 connections.

Ok.. I increased limit connection to 20. And now I have errors that I need more connections. Looks like I can increase connections to infinity and always will be have this errors demanding more and more connections

I checked my php process, usually I have 4 php process. Never seen more then 4.

I host only one site with low traffic. My VM is 2CPU with 8GB RAM on google cloud.

How I can fix this problem? Thanks.

I have OLS 1.6.20. Ubuntu 20. Cyberpanel 2.0.3.


May I know which CMS it is? Do you have any cache enabled? About low traffic, do you know how many concurrent connections?
Just cant understand - why when I was have 10 limit connections, there were always no more than 3 extra connections. When I increased to 15, there were no more than 5 extra connection. When I increased to 21 limit connections, I have 7 extra connections, with total 28 connections.

Why when I was have 10 limit connections, wasn't there total 28 connections? In other words then more I have limit connections, then more extra connections I needed...
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What did you see with the following command when it shows extra connections? You can keep monitoring it and check if this has anything to do with limit settings?
ps aux | grep lsphp | grep -v grep