Store load time issue?

Late, but coming in the right place, My online store built with Wordpress+WooCommerce and it's load time is around 6-Sec that is horrible. It's my dream to load my website in a SINGLE second.
I also make these changes into website like minify Java script & CSS file, Reduce images, Install cache plugin, Disable inactive plugin, But my store speed still doesn't improve.
I don't know, Is this an issue with my hosting provider?
I also discussed this issue in different forums, they recommend me to change your hosting and suggest some providers as a reference like 'cloudways' PHP-based managed web host e commerce.
OpenLiteSpeed best to resolve my store issue?


Yes, LiteSpeed Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed + LiteSpeed cache for wordpress and woocommerce will certainly help your situation.

Do you have VPS or a shared hosting account with your host?
For Shared hosting, you host will need to use LiteSpeed Enterprise on the server to enjoy the LiteSpeed cache.

For VPS, you can use either cyberpanel+ openlitespeed +litespeed cache plugin for wordpress , or LSWS enterprise + LiteSpeed cache plugin for wordpress for a try.