Subdomain to Open WebAdmin Console on Port 7080

I'm trying to setup a subdomain to log in the the OLS WebAdmin panel. So that, maps through to the WebAdmin panel at

I'm using and breaks as they only proxy ports 80/443 - sothey have recommended creating a separated subdomain to access the console. (Of course SERVER_IP:7080 functions to get to the console, but I can't use SSL for that, thus the subdomain requirement.)

I have read through similar questions/answers in the forums and am still confused as to how to set this up. (Many seem to pose this question for Cyber panel usage, which I am NOT using). I tried setting up a new virtual host and then mapping the VH to the https listener .. but am perplexed as to how to set this up.

Is there a KB doc on how to do this? If so, I can't find it.

OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16
Ubuntu 22.04
Built from AWS OLS Marketplace AMI
Yup .. I managed to lock myself out of the Admin console as I attempted to add a listener for port 7080. Had to spin up a new server from a recent backup to get running again.

There is a listener in the admin console section, but there is no ability to affiliate that with a subdomain (at least that I can see). Hmm.


For images from the marketplace, a fast method is to use the script to setup the Virtual host with a subdomain and apply the certificate with Let's Encrypt,

/bin/bash <( curl -sk ) -d -le

Then you should be able to visit the web admin with the valid domain.

You can also point the admin's SSL cert location to the subdomain's certificate.
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