The user repository for the Debian install

Appears to be missing the admin.php file if anyone tries it. Therefore, you cannot get to the web interface to configure it. I'm setting up a new VPS and am going to try making a custom .deb package to see how it works.


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Was just writing Slavik about this, but here you are.

The best way to deal with this is to get in touch with Stefano. Debian is his deal. Stefano monitors the Google Group pretty closely, so if you post a thread there he should pick it up pretty quickly.

Or I can post there about this if you like.

(I'm really surprised that something that big is missing, though.)


But is it safe to use Ubuntu repositories for a Debian install (not an Ubuntu)? Never have used them as I was worried that the dependencies might be different. Guess I need to fire up the Ubuntu box and check my apt sources list and see if they point towards Debian or Ubuntu (think I know already what the answer is going to be).

Some quick checking shows that it "may" work... but dependencies very likely could cause problems... so it's either set up my own from source - or compile my own on a clean Debian install, create the .DEB and set up a PPA for it (which is what I will probably end up doing after the first of the year when things slow down for me).