Unable to connect to webmin / cp on new server. Port 7080 is OPEN.


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New server on new GCP VM. Server is running, I can SSH in, I can SFTP in, but when I got to [serverIP]:7080 the page just times out. cURL command also times out. No external firewall. UFW allow 7080 for IP v4 & v6.


What if you curl from the console?
curl -Ik
If return 200 status code, then it means you have a firewall issue on the network layer.


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200. Where to look next? According to iptables & UFW, the following ports are open: 22, 80, 443, 587, 7080, and 8090. I use Cloudflare, but the only firewall rules there are country-based.

This is a disk image that I moved from a previous GCP VM. In theory, it's identical to the previous machine. I was able to access port 7080 on that port.
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