Unable to host 2 domain

Till now I was using Nginx + HHVM for my WordPress sites which have 200-300k monthly visitors.
I want to test with OLS server to check whether I can get more with my server or not.
I am not a pro, just a new user to all this. I always do my work by myself to learn things. So, I tried to install OLS on google cloud. I was able to do it with 1 domain on port 80 & 443 but when I add 2nd listener with port 80 OLS just stops working and then I have to rollback to snapshot where I installed with 1 domain.

Here's what I did:
Created 1st vhost1 for domain1.com
Create 2nd vhost2 for domain2.com
Created 1st listener1 with port 80 and added Virtual Host Mapping for domain1.com
Did graceful restart and website was running properly.
Added 2nd domain to 1st listener1 did graceful restart and 2nd website was also running properly.
Did same for port 443 and for 1 website and it was running properly.
But since in 1 listener, I can only have 1 SSL certificate so I tried to make another listener with port 443 but after adding SSL to that 2nd SSL listener and did graceful restart OLS stopped responding.

Now I tried to make another listener for port 80 and the same problem occurred.
Can someone tell me where I'm wrong?


You will want to setup the per vhost/domain SSL certificates under the Virtual Host. There should be an SSL tab under each Virtual Host that you will want to configure. The main Listener SSL is for the main SSL cert of the server, it can be one of the domains or a self signed certificate it does not matter.