Unable to install lsphp56 from LiteSpeed repo


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Hi. I've just installed Wordpress OLS Cloud Image on DigitalOcean and everything's good. I need to load on the server an old Joomla website, so I'd like to set up an External Application for lsphp56. I thus tried to add the LiteSpeed Debian Repository following the documentation, but it seems all the packages prior to lsphp70 are missing. Do I need to compile it, or I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance!



Hi @Galadh ,

PHP5 cannot build with newer OpenSSL libraries, specifically the ones in Ubuntu 18+ that come by default. PHP says they will not support newer OpenSSL versions for PHP5.x.

Please try make the site compatible with PHP7.x or you may want to try some other platforms, e.g. Ubuntu 16, CentOS7, instead of ubunt 18+.