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After upgrade to CyberPanel 1.9.4 and to OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.7 (unfortunatelly both of the at the same update) quite often i am not able to upload images in my wordpress website.
Can you offer me any help with this?

thank you


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Here is the result i get from error log....

2020-02-08 23:13:56.392739 [INFO] [] Connection idle time too long: 301 while in state: 6 watching for event: 8452, close!
2020-02-08 23:13:56.392819 [INFO] [] Content len: 128, Request line:
POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php HTTP/1.1
2020-02-08 23:13:56.392838 [INFO] [] HttpExtConnector state: 10, request body sent: 0, response body size: -2, response body sent:0, left in buffer: 0, attempts: 1.
2020-02-08 23:13:56.392999 [ERROR] [] [modcompress---] compressbuf in 296, return -1 (written 0, flag in 0)
The error i get in wordpress is "Post-processing of the image failed. If this is a photo or a large image, please scale it down to 2500 pixels and upload it again."
I have the same issue and I've seen from so many people the same issue can anyone has a solution please ?

It got fixed after I restarted the machine, then after some time again stopped working.

Any ideas?
this is like WP issue , not Cyberpanel or OLS

have you tried this ?


the second page , suggested to add
add_filter( 'big_image_size_threshold', '__return_false' );
please give it a try and see how it goes
Already tried this unfortunately havent fix the issue.

Also tried with cPanel / Litespeed server with the same Wordpress, it worked without any issue even before adding the function that you shared.

Thanks for any comment to help to fix this issue
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Occasionally, I get the same error when adding stuff via admin (it's a custom solution though, no WP)

HttpExtConnector state: 8, request body sent: 197, response body size: -2, response body sent:0, left in buffer: 0, attempts HttpExtConnector

Quic issue???