Understanding hotlinkCtrl in OpenLitespeed

I used the feature of ols to setup the hotlink protection as follows,
hotlinkCtrl {
allowedHosts mysite.com www.mysite.com foo.com
enableHotlinkCtrl 1
suffixes jpeg, jpg, png, gif, svg, tiff, bmp, webp, bpg, css, ico, js, woff, woff2, ttf, ttc, otf, eot
allowDirectAccess 1
onlySelf 0

I have some questions , may be some one can point me to the right direction

Option 1 : allowedHosts and onlySelf 1 :
So if the option onlySelf 1 , then this will allow the same domain but exclude foo.com . Is that correct ?

Option 2: allowedHosts and onlySelf 0:
So it will allow all hosts listed in allowedHosts including foo.com

Is this the correct meaning on the above settings