Updated to v1.5.10, unable to access phpmyadmin

After smoothly updating to OpenLiteSpeed version 1.5.10 (via wget and running the install.sh script), everything works fine except for phpmyadmin which gets a stuck in a 301 redirection loop and fails with a double trailing slash:

"The page isn’t redirecting properly"


No changes in any of the Virtual Hosts or Listeners settings. Is there something I'm missing or some other mysql-related command/task I need to do after an OLS upgrade?


Can you try to stop OLS and start OLS again?
Normally OLS should not cause directing issues. If the issue persist after stop and start, please log a ticket with us by providing tmp root ssh for us to take a look.
Starting and stopping didn't help, but I've figured it out.

Going into Virtual Host > Context > Static Context Definition and removing the trailing slash from phpmyadmin in the URI field and restarting worked. Not sure how that trailing slash got added in on the upgrade.


Glad to hear you figured out. It does look a mystery since normally OLS upgrade won't make such configuration change at all, most likely "//" has already been there before OLS upgrading.