Upload Limit Not Respected in PHP With Latest Release of OpenLitespeed

I am seeing reports now over the last couple of weeks regarding upload timeout. It turns out Litespeed introduced a bug that is now not respecting the specified upload size limits. I am only able to upload less than 3 MB when I previously was able to hit up to 2048MB, my explicitly established limit in my PHP settings. Issue affects my WordPress, Rainloop and Nextcloud installations, meaning likely all PHP applications are impacted. Here is another report of the issue:

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I just opened a ticket with LiteSpeed as instructed by CyberPanel since it impacts LSPHP, meaning both codebases (OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed) are suffering from this bug. I run a weekly cron job to update my system on Tuesday mornings, but I have disabled it until this issue is mitigated. I don't want to put the broken files back on my system. So, when will it be safe again to update? Please reply when it is safe again.
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