Very high response time on Litespeed Server

I am running cyberpanel and openlitespeed on Vultr Instance. My instance during this test was 10% occupied. I don't understand what's the problem. Why the response time is over 30 seconds?
I have noticed such behaviour on my other client's websites. I have still not figured out what is the issue.
Ever since I shifted to Litespeed, I have spent more time managing Litespeed than WordPress.
Such a great tool but no proper way to use it without a headache.

Please help!



Thanks for the information.
If you request any static files, e.g. css, images, do those have a delayed response? If so, it's possibly due to the security settings. If not, then you might want to check the PHP settings.
Yes, Images were also taking a lot of time to load.
Can you explain both the scenarios and their solutions?

I didn't change the default settings.
I just checked my server.
I am not using any security plugins on WordPress.
ModSecurity and other security features of Cyberpanel are not installed.
Open_basedir Protection is disabled

The only security plugin or tool I am using is Cloudflare.