1. vandevo

    WP WEBSITE CRASH: “There has been a critical error on this website.” + Can’t log in WP Admin or PHPMyAdmin

    Hey beautiful people, I need urgent help. My website link: https://endlesstoursportugal.com I couldn’t log in to my WP Website today. It sent me this message: “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Learn more about...
  2. webbasica

    Making the switch from Apache to OpenLiteSpeed. What should I know? (ie how to block brute force attacks)

    I'm finally ready to make the switch from Apache to OpenLiteSpeed (I recently moved to a server with Directadmin and it makes it seem so easy). But before I pull the trigger I wanted to ask the community with way more experience than me: What should I know? What should I prepare for right from...
  3. M

    How to restrict wp-login.php only with ip address

    i try adding with .htaccess with condition below <Files wp-login.php> order deny,allow deny from all allow from x.x.x.x </Files> but i still manage to access wp-login.php, any suggestion or steps maybe how to restrict wp-login in litespeed wordpress? maybe in...
  4. A

    SMTP does not work on the wordpress site. What should be done to solve this problem?

    I installed OLS on Ubuntu 20.10 and installed a wordpress site on it. Installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Registered corporate mail (with its own domain). I entered my email username and password correctly. I've checked it many times. Which is better ssl over 465 or tls over 587. Do you need to...
  5. anderson916

    Poor Performance and SSL handshake failed(5)

    I am using OpenLiteSpeed + Wordpress + LiteSpeed Cache (https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/apps/openlitespeed-wordpress). I don't know why the performance is terrible. Also, when I do load tests, many "SSL handshake failed (5)" errors appear. For the SSL certificate, I got it from Let's...
  6. svenms

    Protect Brute Force wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php

    Dears, I am able to block brute force attacks using Wordfence but even though I see CPU usage spikes related with lsphp process. CPU gets to 100% for long time. I am guessing it is because the blocking is not being performed by lsphp itself and each attack is handled as a request by lsphp, and...
  7. W

    Site performing poorly with default config from image on Digitalocean.

    Hi Team, I was working on increasing the reliability of my wordpress based ecommerce store. I heard openlitespeed makes my speed fast which it did but now I see that it doesn't perform good on 5 concurrent hits. Kindly suggest if the...
  8. L

    How can I backup data from my WP site to my HDD because my site is on Google Cloud?

    Hello everyone, I published my site online using Litespeed and Google cloud. Now, because my site is broken I want to get my files on my local hardware and start again. Do you know how to do that? Thanks in advance
  9. A

    WordPress Error 503

    Hello, I have a server running ubuntu with OpenLiteSpeed and php7.2 I am currently having an issue with my website where I get an error 503 when I disable wp-debug. when it's enabled, I get a PHP error displayed all over the website : [STDERR] PHP Warning: Parameter 2 to...
  10. K

    WP Admin Bar Disappeared (OLS+DA)

    Hi guys, I Hope you feel well. Last week I switched from nginx to OLS and its blazing fast. But there is a problem with it. WP top admin-bar will disappeared after some refreshed in front-end when admins are login. I checked and found that there is no section with "wpadminbar" class in code. We...
  11. L

    OLS with Matomo on GCP

    What will be the solution to install 'clean' OLS server on Ubuntu (or whatever) on Google Cloud Platform? On marketplace is WP, Django, ... but can't see any 'clean' image. I think that I should to use simple Ubuntu server with ols1clk script, but have no idea how to set the install command...
  12. B

    What happened to Digital Ocean Wordpress OLS stack?

    I´m trying to set up a new OLS Wordpress server and when I SSH to the server, the message to set up a new domain is gone as well as many other notices that OLS used to show up before. Are you guys modifying the installation and that´s why is not working anymore?
  13. planx

    Security when using the Openlitespeed GCP WordPress Image

    I have successfully setup a site on Google Cloud Platform using https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/gc-image-pub/openlitespeed-wordpress. However I am wondering if any additional security is recommended. For example, should I install mod security? Or does the image already ship...
  14. L

    Where is the Quick Start Guide?

    Hi there, After DigitalOcean Droplet is completed I always refer to your quick guide to update php or allow firewall. What did you do with it? The 7th July update broke that page or is it intentional? It's explicitly stated: "Please visit our Quick Start page for details on how to access your...
  15. seezee

    403 Forbidden on a couple of WordPress admin pages

    System Ubuntu Bionic hosted on GPC WordPress 5.4.2 mod_sec not intalled 403 Forbidden when accessing Add New Plugin (/wp-admin/plugin-install.php) and also when opening modal for plugin update information (e.g...
  16. A

    GCP Wordpress files directory permission using sftp

    I am trying to upload (modify, edit, delete) files to the directory with Wordpress using Filezilla, but the file directory does not have permission to write to. I have this mistake /var/www/html/Nouveau document texte.txt: open for write: permission denied File transfer failed
  17. A

    Multiple wordpress using one click OLS bash

    Hi, I have added wp.example.com WordPress successfully with one click OLS bash, but when am adding another WordPress wp1.example.com. Its not working.
  18. aboyit

    Hi everyone, I am having 404 errors on my website, looking forward to helping.

    All my vps use wordpress cms, I have the code of 1 wordpress page, but after I upload the hosting configuration, only the homepage and doamin.com/wp-admin page are still active. Writing and product error 404. My code has a .htaccess file with content # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>...
  19. I

    Installation Of Wordpress In Subdirectory - URGENT

    Hi , i am using litespeed image from aws ec2 instance. after logging in via ssh and generating https certificate. i entered url , it directly installed wordpress in my home directory . although i wanted to install it in blog directory. i followed bellow step : edite .htacess file...
  20. L

    How to add an extra domain to my OLS Wordpress droplet?

    Hi There, All is fine, I've installed OLS droplet and Wordpress became blazingly fast! As always, no issues here, :) :) :) however, I bought an extra domain (.com extension). I just want to forward entire domain to my droplet - no single pages, nothing, just entire domain. I created an A record...