1. L

    DigitalOcean Wordpress IonCube is Missing

    After installing AliDropship Woo Plugin I got an error Ooops! ionCube Loader Not found. Can you add some compatibility in the future updates please? Currently I'll uninstall it, cause I can't find anything related to "How to install IonCube on Openlitespeed DigitalOcean Wordpress" in Google...
  2. New Bie

    How do I Password Protect a wordpress site

    Hi Guys, I can't seem to find any tutorial on password protecting a WordPress site installed using OpenLiteSpeed. The server is Nginx, the distro is Ubuntu. Please help me.
  3. cloudrider

    Setting up high performance WP+Woocommerce site on OLS

    Hi everyone, So I recently setup a new Cyberpanel installation on GCP cloud but didn’t noticed any performance improvement compared to other providers, I intend to use it for my Woocommerce based site. As I read most of the WordPress managed hosting providers use GCP + Nginx setup for their...
  4. A

    Refused to connect

    Hi, I cannot access to my website for some reason after I had tried to set up SSL certificate , run command certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html/ -d polaris17.com and I've already added private key file and certificate file to admin page.Help me pls. my dashboard: error logs:
  5. H

    One Click WordPress installation not working on Vultr

    Hi, I have tried 5 times to installed WordPress on new Vultr VPS but every time I am getting the following error. Finished setting up WordPress. Finished MySQL setup without error. Trying to stop some web servers that may be using port 80. [OK] litespeed: pid=4450. Please be aware that your...
  6. Jan Pieters

    Which Image to choose in Digital Ocean: CyberPanel or OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress?

    Hi there, I'm new on this subject and would like to get some info from experienced users of OLS on the following images that you can set in DO (under Droplets > Marketplace): CyberPanel: https://cloud.digitalocean.com/marketplace/5c1c0609abd08a51bda78d36?i=c26146&referrer=droplets%2Fnew...
  7. jakegarrison

    Digital Ocean OLS/Wordpress Droplet Suddenly blocking my work IP (rest of the world works fine)

    Hi There, Yesterday without doing any updates to Ubuntu, OpenLiteSpeed, or Wordpress/Wordpress plug-ins, I suddenly started getting 503 errors when trying to access my website. However, things worked fine from my phone with the wifi off. So, from any computer connected to my broadband connection...
  8. L

    DigitalOcean Wordpress CPU Optimized Droplets Don't Work

    Am I the only who's experiencing this issue? Those who use DigitalOcean know that in their marketplace there is pre-installed OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress Droplet. It works fine, no bugs. However, once you decide that you want custom droplet; General Purpose or CPU optmized - it doesn't work. I can't...
  9. R

    Wordpress Wordfence .user.ini / auto_append_file

    Hi All, I use wordfence to protect my wordpress site. One of the functions is It checks the code before executing it. It does this by appending a file called .user.ini. In litespeed enterprise it just picks up the .user.ini file and wordfence works. in OLS it didnt pick the file up so i put...
  10. E

    Cannot seem to get domain alias to work--i'm getting 404 errors

    I am new to openlitespeed, and am figuring I am missing something pretty basic (And embarrasingly simple) but I am at my wits end. what I am using I am using openlitespeed as part of the new package at digital ocean. I have setup several wordpress domains successfully and have them using ssl...
  11. tenoch89

    Wordpress Multisite Error

    Hey people, been using OpenLiteSpeed with Cyberpanel and love it and it works on all my sites, however there is a small problem I'm running into with Wordpress Multisite. Every time I try to connect to the dashboard of one of the sites on the multisite, it gives me a Too Many Redirects error. It...
  12. C

    Cache stop caching after some hours... Works again after openlitespeed restart

    I face a strange problem. I have a CentOS - openlitespeed host with 3-4 wordpress virtualhosts. Everything is working good (caching, etc) at the beginning. After some time (hours) cache stop hitting (it works perfectly before). It's like no caching is enabled. I go to admin panel, restart...
  13. Rafting Batu

    Add a vhost that is just an alias for this existing server

    Hi, how to add a vhost that is just an alias for this existing server, so it can be accessed using a different domain name? my case is, i have wordpress based website & yoast seo plugin to generated sitemap index, this domain with cloudflare flexible ssl, but i get trouble when i want to...