1. S

    Relative URLs Not Working Correctly in Subdirectory WordPress Setup on OpenLiteSpeed

    Hi, I have an AWS EC2 instance with OpenLiteSpeed WordPress installed in the default directory /var/www/html. I created a new folder inside this directory (/var/www/our-world) and installed a new WordPress setup there. I am running this second WordPress site with the domain binding...
  2. V

    Very high response time on Litespeed Server

    Hi, I am running cyberpanel and openlitespeed on Vultr Instance. My instance during this test was 10% occupied. I don't understand what's the problem. Why the response time is over 30 seconds? I have noticed such behaviour on my other client's websites. I have still not figured out what is the...
  3. RookieDNSer

    Wildcard Subdomains on Third Level Domains

    Setup: Ubuntu, Cyberpanel, OLS Webadmin I have been trying to figure this out for a while, with AI no less, and still can't find a solution. I have a WordPress multisite network with multiple second and third-level domains hosted with CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed. I have wildcard subdomains...
  4. L

    Adding a New Domain and Website to OpenLiteSpeed with WordPress

    Hello OpenLiteSpeed community! I hope this message finds you well. I have a question regarding the OpenLiteSpeed with WordPress virtual machine, and I would appreciate your guidance on how to add a new domain name and create a new website. By default, my setup includes WordPress, but I'd like...
  5. N

    How to change password for wordpress mysql database ?

    My website is live for some security reasons I want to change mysql database password. I can access what is the current password in /home/ubuntu/.db_password It has password stored like this wordpress_mysql_pass="old_password" , I need to change old_password with new_password. Where else do I...
  6. R

    LiteSpeed Cache Issue

    Sir, I use light speed cache on my website and I am facing a problem with it, the page speed on my website Pikachu app has become very low, how can I fix it?
  7. I

    Wp, dont start with OLS

    Hello everyone! Спробував встановити OLS за допомогою цього (https://github.com/litespeedtech/ols-dockerfiles) сховище і це (https://github.com/litespeedtech/ols-docker-env/tree/master) і коли localhost / html порожній, все працює нормально, я отримую 404. Але коли я додаю туди файл index.php...
  8. Leavii

    OLS Multi-WP Sites Setup

    Hate to ask more questions, but here I go again... I want to use OLS to host multiple WP sites. After the first installation using --wordpressplus is it best to use ols1clk.sh to deploy the remaining installations, copy the example WP site to a new directory each time, or install WP manually...
  9. J

    AWS Loadbalancer infront of OLS + Wordpress

    Hi, I am a complete noob with OLS and I've facing some challenges. OLS is currently hosted on an EC2, also Wordpress has been installed. I would like to implement AWS Elastic Load Balancer in front of the webserver. I've checked /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf to see which virtualHosts...
  10. J

    upload_max_filesize & post_max_size are not taking effect on the website

    Hello, I have been trying to increase both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size for a WordPress website hosted on OpenLiteSpeed Server. I have followed this article...
  11. M

    Cannot increase upload filesize limit on WordPress installation

    I am using this plugin to migrate a WordPress site from another server. My file is over 2GB, however, and the plugin interface tells me the file cannot be larger than 256MB. I followed their advice and made edits to two files: /var/www/html/wp-config.php: @ini_set( 'upload_max_filesize' ...
  12. K

    Health Issue [The optional module, intl, is not installed, or has been disabled.]

    sir this problem shows on my website (The optional module, intl, is not installed, or has been disabled) My PHP Version is 8.1.14 (Supports 64bit values). I am this code applies (install) but does not solve the problem Code: apt-get update apt-get install lsphp80-intl -y killall lsphp
  13. kvv213

    LiteSpeed Cache prevents browsers to re-validate pages

    Hi EveryOne! I'm using OLS 1.7.16 with WordPress 6.1.1 and LiteSpeed Cache for WP. The problem is that whe I use LSCWP then pages are not re-validated by the browser and not updated. I have to WP installations at my hosting. One is with SuperCache and it works perfectly with updating of the...
  14. jchambo

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress VPS 404 Error on Non-Wordpress Site Install in Sub Folder

    I have a One-Click OpenLiteSpeed WordPress install over on a VPS at Vultr, and am trying to install a non-WordPress website into a sub-folder I created. I'd like to say, have https://example.com/test point to a new folder I created in the WordPress root install directory of /var/www/html/test...
  15. Jacky Zhang

    Does the the Backup function of Cyber Panel including SQL data?

    Dear Sir, Thanks for OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel. I have installed Wordpress by the CyberPanel. Now The Backup of CyberPanel for the Webpress is OK. May I ask it is also backup the SQL Data , the same as ALL-in-One WP Migration 's Function? Or The Backup CyberPanel only backup the...
  16. Z

    Permissions Bug in OLS

    I have a very strange problem with OLS. Everytime my wordpress site needs updates it says Files could not be installed due to likely permission errors. Nothing fixes the problem unless I go ssh in and do the following command sudo chown -R nobody:nogroup /usr/local/lsws/Example/html/wordpress...
  17. L

    Hello Sir, Need some Help Installing WordPress Ubunti 22.04

    i installed openlitespeed by this guide - HERE VPS- Ubuntu 22.04, can you please guide me next step for installing WordPress in it, please help stuck here since 3 days
  18. dtnetwork

    PHP Memory Limit

    Hello, I'm using the image on OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 VULTR that has a web panel to manage it, I use PHP 8.1, for a wordpress site, but Elementro Pro informs me that I have only 128 mb of PHP Memory Limit memory, how can I increase this memory?
  19. D

    Openlitespeed wordpress behind Google Load Balancer

    I have installed wordpress on Google Cloud using the Openlitespeed image on Google Cloud Marketplace. The VM has a public IP associated with it and I have setup the wordpress along with the auto setup that happens on ssh to the public IP address of the instance. Now I want to put this instance...
  20. M

    OLS on GCP (GoogleCloud) + Wordpress - i lost connection

    Brothers,i need help I have installed OLS on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) with 3x wordpress there setup by ex IT specialist. By mistake I installed again package with OpenLiteSpeed... and it's look like it lost SSL certyfication. It show me: "You cannot visit portal.fonia.app right now...