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  1. Hello, it's been a while, but I'm using this ws again and this time for the company I'm working in.

    so I installed it on a Debian 8 and define it as a systemd service (run by root group and owner).

    it came up successfully (after install) but after configuring and rebooting VPS, it still comes up successfully since then but when I want to login in web admin console, it takes a while (about 15 sec) and then just refrash the page.

    this is what in my log file about it:

    2017-10-31 12:09:56.130 [NOTICE] [child: 1710] Successfully change current user to nobody
    2017-10-31 12:09:56.130 [NOTICE] Child: 1710] Core dump is enabled.
    2017-10-31 12:09:56.130 [NOTICE] [Child: 1710] Setup swapping space...
    2017-10-31 12:09:56.130 [NOTICE] [Child: 1710] LiteSpeed/1.4.27 Open starts successfully!
    2017-10-31 12:41:51.449 [NOTICE] [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:xxxxx:HTTP2-29] [STDERR] [WebAdmin Console] Failed Login Attempt - username:admin ip:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

    (there is nothing infront of url)

    so what should I do?
  2. lswave

    lswave Member

    please reset webadmin console's user/pass by
  3. thanks it works
  4. Ivan Rojas

    Ivan Rojas New Member

    just in case, the username is "admin", im sorry but I didnt find it, maybe it will help others :)

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