Website Getting Stuck at First Load

Hello Team,

I really love LiteSpeed - but I am facing a really bad issue on one of my websites.

Whenever we open the website randomly in a day 4 to 5 times the website gets stuck at the first load for about 15 to 20 seconds and after that it gets open - the same happens to the post pages also.

My website is on an Openlitespeed server configured with Cyber Panel and it runs on WordPress.

This happens randomly there are no fix times for this - website stuck at the start at gets loaded after 20 seconds

I have done the below testings:-
  1. Plugins Conflict check by disabling all - but issue not solved
  2. Theme Changed and Checked - but issue not solved
  3. Simple Index.html file also checked - - but issue not solved
  4. I have changed max connections, persistent etc settings also which I have got articles from your forums - - but the issue has not been solved
  5. Mysql - Connection settings optimized and there are no slow queries also which I have checked by enabling slow query logs

Please help I think there is some issue in the server which is creating a random bottleneck.

It would be really helpful if someone can help with this.

My Website URL:


first load for about 15 to 20 seconds, it is the speed when you disable LSCWP? When cache hit, it should be pretty good, but when cache expired, it will be slow. You can set LSCWP crawler to warmupcache before cache expires.


Does it show cache hit header when 15 to 20 seconds? Most likely it doesn't.
You will need to check the header before testing.

Look around 348ms TTFB when I see the cache hit header with

without cache hit header, TTFB is around 14.69s

LSCWP enabled doesn't mean it will be always cache hit. The cache could be expired. so always check the header to see cache hit first before testing.
It is really a question of LSCWP, not OLS, Any further question, you can continue at