Websocket Reverse Proxy over TLS


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I have followed the post of reverse proxying Websockets using OpenLightSpeed. What I have not found is how to do it over tls ( wss ). My application needs to access the websockets server over a secure channel and how can I achieve that in OpenLightSpeed?


LiteSpeed currently can only offload SSL and forward to the backend using ws://. wss:// is not currently supported, and there are no plans to make it available soon. If you must, you could try an SSL tunnel. LiteSpeed communicates with the SSL tunnel via ws://, the SSL tunnel adds SSL encryption, and then the tunnel communicates with the backend via wss://.
@Cold-Egg I install Mattermost with docker in cyberpanel, I set a reverse proxy and its fine, works in https://tutor.frikidog.com without problem, but websocket is wss:// and as you said in openlitespeed only works ws://, and I think thats the reason why show me "Please check connection, Mattermost unreachable. If issue persists, ask administrator to check WebSocket port. " and I understand that, openlitespeed don´t work with wss://. But I am newbie, and I don´t know how to make a SSL Tunnel, I search in goolgle and i find "stunnel" but after several attempts I have not achieved anything. Can you help me with a tutorial or say me the correct way to do this please? thanks! or how did you manage to do an SSL tunnel @TafD ? any help I will appreciate-