Websocket w/Parse Server's LiveQuery

We have deployed NodeJS + Parse Server on OLS hosted on Ubuntu. A feature of Parse Server sets up a websocket for LiveQuery:
As such, we are not using the WebSocket Proxy OLS setting.

This works fine on NodeJS outside OLS, but when ran inside OLS it works when the server first restarts. However, eventually, the WS no longer connects.

Using a WebSocket testing tool, we are able to connect to the WebSocket and send requests fine, at first. Eventually, when we try to connect to the WS URL, the connection never opens, it just sits at pending forever. Seems we usually have about 5 - 10 minutes before the connections stop working. Then any WS connection attempts hang regardless of what browser/tool is used (HTTPS requests continue to work fine, but do seem sluggish at that point). We are not seeing anything in the server error logs (unless there is an error log we are not aware of we need to check). The same issue happens regardless of if we use ws:// or wss://.


OLS only act as a proxy, you will need to setup proxy to your backend nodejs application. If it is websocket, you will need to setup WebSocket proxy. Not sure how did you setup OLS for nodejs.

If you test your backend directly with some connection issue, it more looks like a backend issue.

You can log a ticket with us so that we can log in to check.