We're looking for a few good OpenLiteSpeed tutorials

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    We'd like to get some good OLS word-of-mouth going, and we could use your help.

    Do you have a blog?

    Would you like to write an article?
    If you can explain how to install OLS on a particular operating system, or how to use OLS to solve a particular problem, or how to pair OLS with other favorite applications, why not write up a tutorial for your blog?
    If you write up a quality tutorial (with screenshots wherever possible) we'll share links to it across our social media. If we have enough good ones to choose from, we'll post a roundup on our LiteSpeed blog and share your posts with all of our readers!

    Would you prefer to publish an article that one of us at LiteSpeed could write?
    If you don't want to write such a thing yourself, we've got a few articles we'd be happy to write and share!
    Usman has offered to write up something about OLS + LSCache + CyberPanel... interested in hosting that? Let us know!
    We've got other ideas, too. Contact us and we'll chat.

    Looking forward to seeing all of the great OpenLiteSpeed content you create!

    P.S. Be sure to send us the link so we can share it.
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