What does this mean?/missing: Unknown '--is-lightweight' option

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  1. oyang

    oyang New Member

    When I check the Openlitespeed1.4.3 install.log , I find this
    I run the
    /root/LOPM/src/openlitespeed-1.4.3/missing --help
    What does this mean? Thanks!
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  2. lsmichael

    lsmichael Active Member


    This is a remnant from an earlier build and should have no effect on performance or functionality. The developers say they'll get rid of it when they have the chance.

    Thanks for brining it to our attention (and for being part of the community).

  3. oyang

    oyang New Member

    Thanks , by the way I report a bug here
  4. lsmichael

    lsmichael Active Member

    Saw that one, but was waiting for the developer to take a look and figure out if it was a bug. Looks like it is, though. Thanks for your patience.


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