What is the complete difference beetwen OpenLiteSpeed & LiteSpeed Enterprise?


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Hmmm. That comparison needs to be updated a little. Initially page caching was not available for OpenLiteSpeed, but it has been for quite some time. Thanks for pointing that out.

The stability point, though, probably does require some fleshing out: There are some new features that we debut in OpenLiteSpeed, but not in Enterprise. (SPDY, for example, or the new WebAdmin.) With Enterprise, we try to put in most advanced features, but we will always favor more stability over more experimental features. With OpenLiteSpeed, though, we feel more comfortable trying newer features. It's a difference in emphasis: Enterprise will tend more towards stability. OpenLiteSpeed will tend more towards newer features.

Does that make sense?



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In other words.. OpenLiteSpeed BETA tests for Enterprise - and if it works well it gets moved into Enterprise. :D

That's not a totally unfair way of putting it. It's not really how we think of it, but the general timeline is right. We don't think of OpenLiteSpeed (especially not the stable versions) as a beta product, but, in this world of perpetual beta we now live in, that way of thinking isn't that far off.


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So page caching is already available on OLS?
Yup. Since 1.3.1: http://open.litespeedtech.com/mediawiki/index.php/Help:Modules:Cache

So for example
Nginx Mainline = OLS
Nginx Stable = LiteSpeed Enterprise?
This comparison, though, I do not agree with. I think it's more like:

OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 = NGINX Mainline
OpenLiteSpeed 1.3 = NGINX Stable
LSWS Enterprise > anything

Perhaps I'm not totally serious about "LSWS Enterprise > anything". (I'm the first to admit that different solutions work for different situations.) But I don't think there's really a good equivalent of LSWS Enterprise out now. Maybe the real equation is "anything /= LSWS Enterprise".

I have a website with 500 users daily - Want to know which version of Light Speed I want to get? Do I use open tastes or buy the Enterprise version?
For me the site loading speed is very important as well as the extra cache


Is it a wordpress site? You can use openlitespeed with litespeed cache plugin for wordpress for your site and all free. LSCache will make your site fly. 500 users daily won't be any problem at all. LiteSpeed can server thousands of requests per second.

Do you use any control panel? If cpanel, you will have to use LiteSpeed enterprise since OLS doesn't support cpanel. If not yet, you may consider Cyberpanel with OLS+ LiteSpeed cache, cyberpanel is free.