WHMCS Admin Login Error


New Member
When I am going to login to my WHMCS Admin, its loading to login page again.

I got an error log:
2021-11-05 03:56:36.696566 [INFO] [4774] Invalid rewrite directive: <FilesMatch ".(py|exe|phtml|php|PhP|php5|suspected)$">
2021-11-05 03:56:36.696606 [INFO] [4774] Invalid rewrite directive: Order Allow,Deny
2021-11-05 03:56:36.696611 [INFO] [4774] Invalid rewrite directive: Deny from all
2021-11-05 03:56:36.696614 [INFO] [4774] Invalid rewrite directive: </FilesMatch>

My admin .htaccess page:

<FilesMatch ".(py|exe|phtml|php|PhP|php5|suspected)$">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from all

I do not know much about rules, and googled but not found anything.


OpenliteSpeed does not take those rules from .htaccess, will just ignore them. If you want to migrate those rules, can try the context function from the webadmin.