Why are there no downstream Linux distro packages?


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Hi. I’m just curious why there seem to be no downstream packages in any Linux distro repository, or package repositories for other operating systems like Homebrew for macOS or FreshPorts for FreeBSD. Especially the Arch Linux community are great at packaging and maintaining packages for even the most fringe unpopular weird niche software out there. However, I haven’t found anyone downstream packages for OpenLiteSpeed. Small competitors like Caddy and Lighttpd are available just about everywhere.

Is there an underlying trademark or licensing issue that prevents downstream projects from packaging and distributing OpenLiteSpeed? Has the project specifically requested downstream not to distribute OpenLiteSpeed? I’m new to the OLS, but it seems quite valuable and I can’t see why it’s wouldn’t be more readily available in the Linux distro ecosystem. At least some distro-specific repositories should have picked it up by now, right? What’s the story here?

P.S.:I’m not talking about the official first-party repository at rpms.litespeedtech.com. I’m talking about Linux distributions and other software repositories packaging and distributing OpenLiteSpeed as a — from their perspective — first-party package maintained by that distribution’s community.