wont bind to port 80 or 443

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows how to solve this:

I have a node.js app running using pm2 to keep alive and i want to use openlitespeed to reverse proxy.
But i cant get openlitespeed to work on a port below 1024 - it just wont work - even though its open in the firewall.
port 8080 works but when i change to 80 it just doesnt pass the traffic through.
I have sudo started openlitespeed;
is there any other tricks?


Hi @Rudi,

First off, please make sure that nothing else is listening on the same port.

in the server configurations, please check to see that the log level is set to DEBUG and HIGH. After that, try starting the server and check the log. There should be some log messages regarding attempting to start the listener, but encountering an issue.

It is necessary to use a process manager like pm2 for node for production? I was under the impression that OLS handled this automatically