Wordpress Elementor cached


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since i've jumped from apache to open lite speed and started to use OLS cache i have problem with Elementor. I'm creating something in elementor (can be block, page, post... doesn't matter what) and save it (lets call it v.1). All works fine. When i want to change something, i'm editing it in Elementor, make some changes (lets call it v.2), save it and ... in front page i see no changes. So i'm reload (F5 or CRTL + F5) and i see page without changes (v.1). I'm cleaning cache, browser - without success. I'm taking a look in elementor page history and i see record with my changes (v.2). I click on it, restore changes and i see (v.2), so i save it. On front page i can see v.2 but on Elementor after F5 / CTRL + F5 i still see v.1.
I suppose that somehow OLS cache is caching my editable pages/posts in backend and once it is cached it won't show any changes. But it should works when i'm cleaning cache...
I've checked OLS config and I see, that when i enable checkPublicCache (set to 1) the problem with Elementor occur.
When is disabled (set to 0) Elementor works fine. I wonder why - Admin panel shouldn't be cached so much, it's rather private cache not public...

What is strange, when i disable cache from wordpress plugin, Elementor is still cached. I need to change config in OLS panel, reload it then i see changes.

General all urls with elementor ends with param:


i was trying to exclude this param in wordpress plugin - without success.

And maybe one additional question - if checkPublicCache is set to 0 in VH config, enabling OLS cache in wordpress plugin doesn't work - is it ok, that's the way how should it work?

What should i do?