WordPress freezing after editing a blog post

I have more than 1400 blog posts on my website. Sometimes I need to update them.

After updating a blog post WordPress is freezing and is not loading on other web browsers but on the edited browser.

I have to restart the server. Without restarting server wordpress site nicnt not accessible

What could be the problem?
I have the latest version of wordpress and my plugins are all updates.

I use ninja firewall



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I would like to add to @Cold-Egg's question that the status code would be particularly important to know when you access the URL after the change. "Freecing" can mean many things, but is often a sign that your website is overwhelmed with the request in its uncached state. This is just a guess, but in most cases it is an indication that your server is performing inadequately.
Hi cold egg, do you mean to type in the terminal 'top' after updating a post?
If you mean that, I can try.

@LiteCache the freezing happens even without cache plugin. I use two browsers on which I am logged in as admin. I am able to load the pages only on the edited browser. All other browsers are being blocked.

This cannot be caused by ninja firewall because this issue this very old.

I have tried disabling all plugins. Nothing helped.

After waiting a few minutes everything turns normal.

I will try it with 'top' command and paste the output here

Sorry for my poor English.
i have disabled the cache plugin now. it works fine. i have edited some posts and can access to the site from other browsers.. i will keep you updated.
Hi, I have sent an email to support@litespeedtech.com
They told me that they are not responsible for this matter.

The website still keep freezing after editing a post. That doesn't happen always but if I edit 3-4 posts in a short time, wordpress is freezing.

List of my plugins
DSGVO All in one PRO for WP
Gmail SMTP
Gravity Forms
Gravity View
Index now
Ninja Firewall
Ninja Scanner
Ocean Extra Theme
Search regex
Sliced invoices pro
Table press
Wpvivid backup
XML Sitemap

System Status:
Load : 0.09, 0.08, 0.04
CPU : 5.53947%
RAM : 952/7959MB (11.96%)
Disk : 40/194GB (21%)

The machine is strong. I really don't understand what causes this issue.

As soon as i restart the server i get following message: Error establishing a database connection
I get this message after 1 second after rebooting. It always gets stuck somewhere.


Thanks for the information, it sounds like a PHP code issue somewhere, and that's why LiteSpeed support can not help. If you have a stage/test site, then you can try to deactivate plugins one by one and try to reproduce the issue and narrow it down a little bit.
When you restart the server, please check if the DB service is started on boot or not.