WordPress installed by Cyberpanel vs only Openlitespeed (digital ocean)


I've been testing at Digital Ocean two droplets with the same configuration, one with Cyberpanel and the other with Wordpress with Openlitespeed.

Installation without Cyberpanel has done better in tests, do you know if this is correct?

For me it makes sense, in one there is a lot more installed and in the other a little less.

If that's okay...

My question is more to know:
Does the installation of Wordpress + LScache for Cyberpanel need tweaking to get maximum performance, like in Droplet with only Openlitespeed?
If you compare the cached page, then it should be the same. May I know how you check the performance?
@Cold-Egg Yes!!! What is making a difference are the database queries, they are faster in the droplet only with WP + Openlitespeed.

For example, Product filters that load via ajax: https://plus2.trendyvisuals.com/

They are much faster on this address that is on the Droplet with WP + Openlitespeed, than on this one with Cyberpanel
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I'll try, I'm Newbie.

I think this is useful information: I used the latest versions that are as Default on the Digital Ocean Marketplace:

Faster: https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/apps/openlitespeed-wordpress
Update via Console
Necessary adjustments
WP Cache Activation

Setting up the basics of the panel and using PHP 8 or 7.4
Installation of the WP site
Enabling Cache in WP

The Droplet I used for both are exact (DEDICATED CPU CPU-Optimized):

Thx so much @Cold-Egg !

I found a similar post, but without going too far: https://community.cyberpanel.net/t/cyberpanel-vs-openlitespeed-django-one-click-app/15597/4
It looks like something related to the images these companies use.

I'm testing it on Vultr and it doesn't seem to have any difference right now.