WordPress Plugin 1.0.10 Released!

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    Hey There Everyone,

    We released LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress 1.0.10 today.

    In this release, we added: a check for LSCACHE_NO_CACHE being defined, a Purge All button to the admin bar, support for WooCommerce Versions < 2.5.0, and .htaccess backup rotation. We also added logic to purge the cache when upgrading a plugin or theme. By default this behavior is enabled for single site WordPress installations and disabled for multisite WordPress installations. We also moved some settings to the new Specific Pages tab to reduce clutter in the General tab and adjusted the .htaccess editor to be disabled when DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is set. Lastly, when saving the Cache Tag Prefix setting, all cache will now be purged.

    Check out the full release log for more info on our 1.0.10 release.

    Full Release Log: http://www.litespeedtech.com/solutions/wordpress-acceleration/release-log


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