Wordpress staging?

Hi guys, after 3 weeks of messing around, I got Google cloud F1-micro instance, OLS, wordpress / openlite-cache, and cloudflare working together. Now I am thinking of the next stage, how do I setup staging with sub-domain or maybe something similar?



If you just want to work on the same server, try creating a new virtual host and map your sub-domain to this virtual host. Then clone the production wordpress to your virtual host's document root.

Mine maybe not the best solution.

Hi GammaBurst!

You have to make the staging site. It's will be difficult.

There are many plugins like wpstaging, guru migrate or versionpress.
But these are just plugins. It's best to use a wordpress version control system.
I suggest you to try a wordpress version control system.
Do you work alone or in a team?

GeekBee.io helps to create team friendly wordpress development environment for you.
Maybe it's will be better and easier.

You can create several staging and development branches and merge the files and database changes with one click. They provide ftp and ssh access to each staging environment.

As far as I know, they are looking for also testers. it would be worth checking out.

I am working in team, and our problem is solved by them.
I suggestion to try them.
Double up your infrastructure and point a subdomain to it. For your dev/staging environment schedule a limited uptime so you aren't also doubling up on your billing.

This helps ensure a close mirror to production.