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  1. paddyku

    paddyku New Member

    hi , i have follow your instruction at here .
    change all the_views with new code .
    clear all cache include opcache , but the view is not showing , its empty tho.

    i change it this way echo ' <div id="postviews_lscwp"></div>';

    thank you
  2. Tishu

    Tishu Member


    I just setup one wordpress site on OLS with wp-postview and the code from the wiki, for litespeed cache and its working. Dont "echo" the code. You need to setup it manually in your template in the right place (where you wanna be).
  3. paddyku

    paddyku New Member

    ok ,so the problem is , the views number not showing , i tried to not use echo and put that code elsewhere for test purpose

    <span class="stats-view">View: <div id="postviews_lscwp" > </div></span>
    and it show only View:

    but when i use <?php the_views(); ?> , it does show the view counter.
    any idea ?
  4. Tishu

    Tishu Member

    Hello again,

    In the test i use only:

    <div id="postviews_lscwp"></div>

    and it was showing "View: <number>".

    Dont forget to check wp-postview setting in the wordpress admin area.

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