XPath doesn't seem to be working on Wordpress using WordPress Automatic plugin

Hi all,

I hope someone may met with similar issue.
I'm usin OpenLiteSpeed with CyberPanel on Centos 7 with WordPress.
I've currently one issue that when I'm using Wordpress Automatic plugin there is an option to visualy select the content on an external website to scrap the posts.
The problem is that this is not working only if I choose the below option in the WP automatic settings:
Load the items list page using APIFY.COM
(only if this site requires JavaScript)
So the weird thing is that on localhost using XAMP+Apache+Wordpress I don't need to select this option to work.
I don't know like if I'm missing some extensions on my server or OpenLiteSpeed does not support Javascript calls or responses.

I hope someone will be able to assist on this.



To narrow down the issue, do you have any test site where you can temporarily disable Cloudfront CDN and LSCache plugin, and see if it works?
I don't have Cloudfront CDN, I'm using Cloudflare however I've tested it with disabling all the Cloudflare settings but no luck, I had wpfastest cache previously tried to disable that one as well but nothing changed, it seems that the WordPress Automatic visual selector opens in a webview and the website require javascript which is weird that this is working on Apache but not on LiteSpeed.