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    Possible hidden BUG in OpenLiteSpeed

    Hi @Lubos We have been testing your solution for a while in production and the error is effectively fixed. We had in sysctl.conf the line that you comment "net.ipv4.tcp_notsent_lowat = xxxx", we deactivated it and the error stopped passing us. You are a crack, thank you very much for your help
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    Possible hidden BUG in OpenLiteSpeed

    Hi Eric, Thank you very much for you quick response! Our configuration is very usual, as we use most of the default values that come with the standard setup. We are using latest stable version (1.6.14) altought we have been suffering this issue since a lot of time with previous versions. We...
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    Possible hidden BUG in OpenLiteSpeed

    Hi everyone, We are having a very extrange issue with OpenLiteSpeed that we cannot solve after doing many different test under different environments... we think it could be a BUG in LiteSpeed... Attached is a sample 2 HTML files with some JS files that you can use to reproduce the issue: As...
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    Document root outside lsw

    Hi I am having a problem when I point the root document out of the lsws folder to point it to an NFS drive. The root document is pointed in "/mnt/nfs1/HTML" and in that html folder is where I am mounting the NFS disk, but when I want to open an index.html it gives me error 403, I have checked...
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    Ubuntu 18.04 fresh install

    Hi In a clean installation of ubuntu 18.04 when installing openlitespeed with the command wget -O - | bash - apt-get install openlitespeed It install version 1.6.8 but when I get into the web admin panel tells me that there is an...
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    ols 1.4.41 mp4 videos issue

    Hello After updating to the new version 1.4.41 we have detected that the mp4 videos have stopped working. In firefox when you put the route to an mp4 video it gives the error " Error Code: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_METADATA_ERR (0x806e0006) Details: static MP4Metadata::ResultAndByteBuffer __cdecl...