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    Server Setup Guide Part 3 (CentOS, OpenLiteSpeed, Percona) (With Pictures!).

    Sounds like the file name is wrong, run "ls" without the quotes to find the right file name. You cant run both on the same port.
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    How to replace apache with OLS on centos?

    Hey guys, yes, absolutely rammed with work at the moment, sorry I haven't been around much, just trying to clear the desks to start having some fun again!
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    OLS 1.3 and Pagecache

    Works just like the enterprise version I believe! I havent had any time recently with back to back big board imports going on to take a look :(
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    nginx is no more

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    Does it work with CSF disabled?
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    Should be as simple as yum install perl-libwww-perl
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    how to password protect admin area

    I also show you how in this guide:
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    Server Setup Guide Part 3 (CentOS, OpenLiteSpeed, Percona) (With Pictures!).

    Pre-Word and Disclaimer This guide may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part with out the express written permission of Slavik at The author takes no responsbility for any steps, in part, or in whole, undertaken by users of this guide and does not...
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    Password protecting single file with LiteSpeed Contexts?

    Doing a folder is easy enough, though am having issues with single files. Anyone know how to do it?
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    What are you listening to?

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    How To Upgrade To New Version

    How did you originally install?
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    I'm sure I can sort you out a license for some tests :)
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    Thats quite a difference. Though, while this shows OLS and LSE have amazing performance on a small static file, it will be interesting to see the scaling and performance on a larger scale application such as XenForo (i mention this as theres quite an interest in XenForo for OLS) which is more...