1. Kasabian

    Cache problem

    Hello, my website runs with Openlitespeed Server and Litespeed Cache Plugin and when I update I can't see the changes in mobile browser and other pc browser they show old content and theme. I have tried many things and none works except when I use the string /?nocache=true and I also use a...
  2. L

    In which directory are cache files stored?

    Hello, when I log in with port 7080 and change the cacheEnable 0 value to 1 from the interface, the processor load is greatly reduced. It's really an amazing difference. But when I make a change to my website or update a content, I don't see this. If I can find out in which directory the cache...
  3. V

    Need help with Crawler function

    Hello, I am a beginner using LSCache for Wordpress. I've used quite a few cache plugins like LSCache that really make a difference, the results after using it are very positive. However when using the Crawler function I ran into this problem: + Crawler will set a time to start a new crawler...
  4. KratosGemini

    Periodic Cache Cleanup for Virtual Host Caches

    I'm using the default server level lscache location currently, but I'd like to move to individual virtual host directories so I can keep an eye on the size of the cache for each website. According to the article below, if I'm using virtual host level cache directories, LiteSpeed does not...
  5. kvv213

    LiteSpeed Cache prevents browsers to re-validate pages

    Hi EveryOne! I'm using OLS 1.7.16 with WordPress 6.1.1 and LiteSpeed Cache for WP. The problem is that whe I use LSCWP then pages are not re-validated by the browser and not updated. I have to WP installations at my hosting. One is with SuperCache and it works perfectly with updating of the...
  6. K

    cache Issue [Page cache is not detected but the server response time is OK]

    my all wordpress site show this problem: Page cache is not detected but the server response time is OK Page cache enhances the speed and performance of your site by saving and serving static pages instead of calling for a page every time a user visits. Page cache is detected by looking for an...
  7. K

    Cache Problem Website

    hello, my website use Litespeed Server and Litespeed Cache Plugin and i am update our website post but not changes in mobile browser and other pc browser show old content but actually change the post content. Why this Problem face Our Website Please tell me. and also use a cloudflare cdn
  8. A

    Debian 9 (Stretch)-based OS can't find redis extension. My PHP Version is 8.0.14

    From oficial site page: After command everything okey apt-get install lsphp80 lsphp80-common lsphp80-mysql lsphp80-memcached lsphp80-redis lsphp80-opcache lsphp80-curl lsphp80-imagick -y except: lsphp80-redis. Sytem can't find this module to...
  9. M

    LSCache without plugin problem

    Hi everyone, right now I using LSCache wihout plugin but facing some problem, example if I have two page link like below 1. 2. this two page result will cache as same page, how do I separate this two page as different cache ...
  10. S

    Module Cache 500 error

    Hi all, Occasionally I am getting this 500 error: [Module:Cache]handlerProcess return 500 due to cant alloc memory. Any idea what's causing it? Sever is Ubuntu 20.04.1, runnig OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.12 and CyberPanel 2.1 Thanks!
  11. B

    Purge the cache by URL

    Hi, I want to ask how to use purge the cache by URL? What I want to achieve is the following: to cache everything for 8 hours, and the home page to purge every hour (using cronjobs). I use openlitespeed and cyberpanel. What I have managed to do so far is: 1. To cache everything for eight hours...
  12. mjsrn

    Do Not Cache Urls

    Hi I have a php application (lumen/Laravel) for backend And android application for frontend, after i activate lscache we have any problem in customer side ,. in Litespeed a find an option for my problem : do not cache url . how can i do not cache urls in openlitespeed ?
  13. S

    Openlitespeed Cache Module - vHosts Cache Folder

    Hello, I'm using openlitespeed with directadmin and i couldn't set lscache according to this link How can i create lscache folder at every vhost for using wordpress litespeed cache plugin? Thank you!
  14. A

    Debugging rewrite rules

    I am setting up ols on a site for which there is no cache-control plugin. I think that I should be able to make it work using .htaccess rewrite rules. I have written a couple of rules which should provide public caching of the site front page for users who do not have a logged-in cookie. So...
  15. Oranuf

    Docker, OLS, and Lucee/Tomcat (ColdFusion) - Creating an image to share with all

    THE GOAL I am in the process of creating a Docker image with a very specific configuration: Debian 9.3 Latest version of LiteSpeed Lucee Upon which I may base additional ColdFusion apps (CFWheels, Mura). I am working to make it as "generic" as possible, so that others may pull the...