1. S

    Module Cache 500 error

    Hi all, Occasionally I am getting this 500 error: [Module:Cache]handlerProcess return 500 due to cant alloc memory. Any idea what's causing it? Sever is Ubuntu 20.04.1, runnig OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.12 and CyberPanel 2.1 Thanks!
  2. B

    Purge the cache by URL

    Hi, I want to ask how to use purge the cache by URL? What I want to achieve is the following: to cache everything for 8 hours, and the home page to purge every hour (using cronjobs). I use openlitespeed and cyberpanel. What I have managed to do so far is: 1. To cache everything for eight hours...
  3. mjsrn

    Do Not Cache Urls

    Hi I have a php application (lumen/Laravel) for backend And android application for frontend, after i activate lscache we have any problem in customer side ,. in Litespeed a find an option for my problem : do not cache url . how can i do not cache urls in openlitespeed ?
  4. S

    Openlitespeed Cache Module - vHosts Cache Folder

    Hello, I'm using openlitespeed with directadmin and i couldn't set lscache according to this link How can i create lscache folder at every vhost for using wordpress litespeed cache plugin? Thank you!
  5. A

    Debugging rewrite rules

    I am setting up ols on a site for which there is no cache-control plugin. I think that I should be able to make it work using .htaccess rewrite rules. I have written a couple of rules which should provide public caching of the site front page for users who do not have a logged-in cookie. So...
  6. Oranuf

    Docker, OLS, and Lucee/Tomcat (ColdFusion) - Creating an image to share with all

    THE GOAL I am in the process of creating a Docker image with a very specific configuration: Debian 9.3 Latest version of LiteSpeed Lucee Upon which I may base additional ColdFusion apps (CFWheels, Mura). I am working to make it as "generic" as possible, so that others may pull the...