Debugging rewrite rules

I am setting up ols on a site for which there is no cache-control plugin. I think that I should be able to make it work using .htaccess rewrite rules.

I have written a couple of rules which should provide public caching of the site front page for users who do not have a logged-in cookie. So far so good, it works when I manually test it, not logged-in users see the cache, logged-in users don't see the cache.

When I put the rules into the config for a live site, they still work for my testing, but some search-bots (which are not logged in) seem to be bypassing the rewrite rulescache and incrementing the hits counted by the php script that is supposedly cached. I can't tell yet if they are escaping my rewrite rules (I think not) or if they are causing multiple variant versions of the page to be cached due to variations in uri or query parameters.

I am wondering if there is a tool available that will let me browse the contents of the cache to see how many variants of the index page have been cached, and why?

I would welcome any other suggestions for techniques for solving this kind of problem.


it depends on the URLs, and and are three different URLs. they will be cached separately unless you ask OLS to drop querystrings completely for any URL.

There is no such tool for you to view cache. They are hashed files in cache root folder.