1. copperreflections

    LiteSpeed Web Server Error 404! Page not found

    Hi, There is something wrong with the configuration of LiteSpeed Web Server. I would like to turn off the mod security, please. There are some errors and warnings needed to be fixed. It says; 2021-12-12 21:47:08.021256 [ERROR] [88214] []...
  2. G

    Install OpenliteSpeed php7.4

    Hi. I am struggling to make my store work for testing purposes to see if we can go on with paid versions of lite speed. Everything is installed in ubuntu 18 LTS but we cannot see magento 2 frontend or backend. We see a white blank page with no error in logs. It seems that something is wrong with...
  3. C

    AWS OLS Image - is it pre-configured or needs configuration?

    Hello, I spun a OLS server on EC2 using OLS ami in aws and followed the instructions, however, in main configuration instruction, there isnt any instructions to configure the OLS. do i need to configure anything or it is pre configured. my wp environment is installed and works perfectly. but...