Strange behaviour out of my knowledge

Problem: wp-config.php are loaded from previous install when perform fresh install.

Expecting: Prompt Database Setup Wizard, as there is no wp-config.php, we only have wp-config-sample.php

Unexpected: Skipped Database Setup Wizard, and show Site/User Setup Wizard.
if continue, DB Table will create, but as i know there is no any DB User/Pass given, how this things could happen?

Here is my step:

1. Have a WordPress site installed
2. cp wp-config.php ../
3. rm -rf *
4. Refresh, 404 which is correct
5. Drop Tables in DB
6. Download WordPress Latest, Unzip
7. Go to domain to run setup
8. Showing Site/User Setup Wizard
9. rm ../wp-config.php
10. Refresh
11. Showing DB Setup Wizard, then things are going right here

Provided Screen Recording for more details: Screen Recordings

I not sure which part of my configuration goes wrong, i cant figure it out
Please advise, thanks and regards :)