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  1. szy

    OpenLiteSpeed Drupal at DigitalOcean - image styles not working

    Hi there. That's five days of me trying to successfully run Drupal 10 with the Image Effects module using the DigitalOcean's droplet. I also found some traces of other people's problems with this service. Is there anyone who has managed to do this? Each of my 15-20 droplets shows: - 404...
  2. S

    Getting error 404 in webadmin console

    iam getting error 404 while saving realm, changing uri of phpmyadmin in openlitespeed admin console. virtual hosts>wordpress (It is digital ocean droplet openlitespeed wordpress.) anyone can help me because of it i can't able to secure phpmyadmin...
  3. K

    System restart required

    Hello my name is kundan sah and i am use digital ocean Litespeed Wordpress and server showing System restart required and can you help how to this.
  4. W

    Openlitespeed wordpress image on digital ocean

    Hi this is my first post so please forgive me if ive posted in the wrong section. I have a few sites which are struggling on apache (cpanel/whm) and I keep getting lfd excessive resource usage so i thought it would be a good idea to try out openlitespeed wordpress on digital ocean. As a test...
  5. B

    What happened to Digital Ocean Wordpress OLS stack?

    I´m trying to set up a new OLS Wordpress server and when I SSH to the server, the message to set up a new domain is gone as well as many other notices that OLS used to show up before. Are you guys modifying the installation and that´s why is not working anymore?
  6. Shigaev.

    OpenLiteSpeed version update for reCAPTCHA

    Hello! I'm newbie. I would like to upgrade OpenLiteSpeed from 1.4x to 1.5x inside my DO Droplet "OpenLiteSpeed Django by LiteSpeed Technologies VERSION 2.2.3 OS Ubuntu 18.04". I was attracted by the prospect of receiving a reCAPTCHA with 1.5x. Do I have to do this with the "apt-get install...