OpenLiteSpeed version update for reCAPTCHA

Hello! I'm newbie. I would like to upgrade OpenLiteSpeed from 1.4x to 1.5x inside my DO Droplet "OpenLiteSpeed Django by LiteSpeed Technologies VERSION 2.2.3 OS Ubuntu 18.04". I was attracted by the prospect of receiving a reCAPTCHA with 1.5x. Do I have to do this with the "apt-get install openlitespeed" SSH command or is this not enough to upgrade? What consequences should I expect for my settings and my WP site? Will the new settings appear in the Openlitespeed console?

Thx and don't laugh too loud))


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Through the RPM package upgrade to 1.5.6 is not available right now.
But you can download the pre-built package from our site and run the ./ in it.
Please make a backup of your conf/ and admin/conf files before this upgrade.


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If you install openlitespeed 1.5.6, you should have `reCAPTCHA` setting in the webAdmin.
Other way, if you do not want to upgrade the web admin bu the binaries, you need to config `reCAPTCHA` by hand in the http_config.conf, it also can work.