1. P

    403 Forbidden Error in PhpMyAdmin

    Hey Everyone, I am using DirectAdmin with OpenLiteSpeed, I have enabled modsecurity rules from Comodo , when I import a sql file via PHPMyAdmin, PHPMyAdmin gives an error 403, so I want to try to disable modsecurity for PHPMyAdmin. I don't know which file should I edit so I can disable the...
  2. K

    WP Admin Bar Disappeared (OLS+DA)

    Hi guys, I Hope you feel well. Last week I switched from nginx to OLS and its blazing fast. But there is a problem with it. WP top admin-bar will disappeared after some refreshed in front-end when admins are login. I checked and found that there is no section with "wpadminbar" class in code. We...
  3. I

    Directadmin LAN integration with OLS

    Dear Community, My name is Ivan and I am Cloud / System Administrator, we have client infrastructure that is based on AWS Lightsail + Directadmin + OLS. Everything was great until mid-january when Directadmin announced automatic LAN integration for such cloud instances. Until mid jan. there...
  4. M

    Quic / http/3 not working in version 1.7.1 directadmin version

    Hello, I guess there is a bug in the 1.7.1 directadmin version. I'm using CURRENT VERSION:OpenLiteSpeed (DirectAdmin Edition) 1.7.1 Running on Debian 10 - with DirectAdmin 1.61.2 There is no way to get QUIC working in the...
  5. rabiks

    Directadmin with Openlitespeed 404 custom

    Hello, I would like to have custom 404 pages for all users. (Directadmin + OLS) I found this: but my panel say "Include file detected in configuration file. Entering Read-only mode." Can you tell me how to make custom error page by other way?