1. M

    Why does OpenLiteSpeed Django app give errors when save or delete very simple model in admin view ?

    I have an OpenLiteSpeed Django app in Google Cloud Compute Engine which connects a SQLite DB. I've created some models and views, in these views I can show lists and graphics of SQLite data. I am also able to list and search the data in admin views. However in admin view when I try to make some...
  2. 2

    django in a subdiretcory of wordpress

    Hi I am trying to install Django under WordPress subdirectory for 3 days but can't make it done anyway... no tutorial available. I am hosting my WordPress site on digitalocean openlitespeed wordpress droplet. WordPress installation location /var/www/html/ I want to server Django from...
  3. violetcode

    Django perpetual 404s when visiting project directory URL

    I have a very strange problem with Django and OLS. I am using the OpenLitespeed Django one click install droplet on Digital Ocean ( In both my custom app and the example app in the droplet, if I visit a URL that...