1. G

    lswgi config for django app confusion

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project using Django. I chose to host it on a Hostinger ubuntu instance. Being relatively new to linux also, I opted for a "Ubuntu/Django/OpenLiteSpeed" OS template. To my surprise, during the installation, I was directed to create a DigitalOcean account, and...
  2. Doulos

    Issue with Celery on One-Click OpenLiteSpeed Django Server.

    Hello, I am using the One-Click OpenLiteSpeed Django Server. It was working all fine until I installed celery on my project and celery beat. The server is working fine when I run python manage runserver servername:8000 But Lite speed cants serve it it gives error 500. Once i comment celery on...
  3. I

    Virtual host configuration for Django, Postgresql & angular web app 500 error

    I have been trying to deploy a web app which uses django and drf with postgres db api with an angular front end on an ubuntu vps but without success. I have installed all the necessary dependencies and have set up a virtual environment. I am hosted on Hostinger and used the Ubuntu 22.04 with...
  4. N

    Easy WSGI reset for Python/Django/Wagtail hosted websites

    If your OpenLiteSpeed setup is pointed to the file in python it can be confusing when changes made in your local python app won't update as expected when changes are pulled to your website or pushed. Graceful (from OLS Backend), Soft & Hard (from Linux command line) OLS server resets...
  5. maicol07

    How to configure OLS LSWGI with a DJango app

    Hi, I'm trying to install Weblate, a DJango app. I've followed this guide: and installed LSWGI and configured the context app server with these parameters: When I try to go to the website, I get a...
  6. bluxiv

    Django File System Encoding

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to solve this problem for weeks now but i just can't seem to get it to work. My website works fine till someone uploads a file that has non-ascii characters in it, where it returns the following error: "UnicodeEncodeError 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in...
  7. artertendean

    lswsgi cant handle unicode

    It works in my localhost, but not in openlitespeed. In some cases, when there are emoji in there, the server will return 500 errors.
  8. artertendean

    Django: How to Apply New Changes

    How to apply my changes in Django app in openlitespeed? For example, in Cpanel, I just need to run 'touch tmp/restart.txt'
  9. Q

    what is OpenLitespeed Django proper workflow?

    I have deployed OLS Django from the AWS Marketplace. but it is not clear to me how I do apply my code changes. I've committed the default `demo` project into private github repo and push changes from my local computer. git pull works sometimes. sometimes it not works. I can't get the system...
  10. M

    Why does OpenLiteSpeed Django app give errors when save or delete very simple model in admin view ?

    I have an OpenLiteSpeed Django app in Google Cloud Compute Engine which connects a SQLite DB. I've created some models and views, in these views I can show lists and graphics of SQLite data. I am also able to list and search the data in admin views. However in admin view when I try to make some...
  11. 2

    django in a subdiretcory of wordpress

    Hi I am trying to install Django under WordPress subdirectory for 3 days but can't make it done anyway... no tutorial available. I am hosting my WordPress site on digitalocean openlitespeed wordpress droplet. WordPress installation location /var/www/html/ I want to server Django from...
  12. violetcode

    Django perpetual 404s when visiting project directory URL

    I have a very strange problem with Django and OLS. I am using the OpenLitespeed Django one click install droplet on Digital Ocean ( In both my custom app and the example app in the droplet, if I visit a URL that...