1. krehy

    WWW and non-WWW HTTPS redirect

    Hey, I have node.js app running on virtual host via openlitespeed and i have issues with redirecting. I decide to have as main. when i type into URL it redirect to (correct) but when i type into URL it gave me...
  2. M

    project works using if running using node index.js but throws error module not found when run through openlitespeed.

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for this amazing tool. I have a Node.js + Express project that runs perfectly locally and even on a server when I run it through node index.js. However, it fails when OpenLiteSpeed tries to run it. The module I'm specifying is definitely present at the...
  3. R

    file not found error on file upload on openlightspeed server on VPS (only)

    I have Javascript code for uploading a file, see codesandbox. The code works on localhost and on a codesandbox-server but not on a VPS at Hostinger, with OpenLightSpeed and Nodejs preinstalled. I CAN upload file to Hostinger VPS uploads folder if I use SSH to connect to the VPS and then run...
  4. T

    Struggling with deploying Node Express app

    Hi, I am very new to hosting and purchased a VPS to host a 1 page Node website. This will expand in time to a full website. In the meantime I have been trying to get this hosted for over 1 month now and am really getting frustrated. I initially had a VPS setup with Ubuntu and Cyberpanel with...
  5. T

    express application generator

    So I m kind of new to Open light speed, and i m just trying to set up a simple hello world express app which i did by replacing the Example app.js file, and it worked just fine, but then, i deleted the app.js file, and instead in the same containing folder, i used express generator to generate...