1. O

    Google cloud pricing

    Hello everyone I am new hear and I have question about deployment of openlitespeed wordpress siteon GCP. I made my initial deployment along time ago, it said that it's free and it actually was almost free. Recently I reinstalled everything, including new virtual instance and it's not free any...
  2. M

    OLS on GCP (GoogleCloud) + Wordpress - i lost connection

    Brothers,i need help I have installed OLS on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) with 3x wordpress there setup by ex IT specialist. By mistake I installed again package with OpenLiteSpeed... and it's look like it lost SSL certyfication. It show me: "You cannot visit portal.fonia.app right now...
  3. A

    Root access issue

    Good Morning I trying to access a Google Cloud deploy with root access for some days without sucess. I created some VM at Instance zone southamerica-east1-b, a Instance machine type g1-small and SSD Persistent Disk. The openlitespeed-wordpress deployment do not create a SSH Key, then i created...
  4. planx

    Security when using the Openlitespeed GCP WordPress Image

    I have successfully setup a site on Google Cloud Platform using https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/gc-image-pub/openlitespeed-wordpress. However I am wondering if any additional security is recommended. For example, should I install mod security? Or does the image already ship...
  5. U

    Replacing table prefix in myphpadmin and wp-config disables WP dashboard

    I have deployed openlitespeed-wordpress in GCP and it just selects the default values in wp-config.php including DB_NAME and DB_USER as 'wordpress" and table_prefix as 'wp_' i changed the database name in both phpmyadmin and wp-config without any issues but when i replace the table prefix it...
  6. L

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP: Wordpress directory permission

    I am trying to upload (modify, edit, delete ues) files to the directory with Wordpress using Filezilla. I can only use the local directory with my login name, but the Wordpress directory does not have permission to write to. There are a few ways around this. You could upload them to a directory...
  7. L

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP and Page Caching with OpenLiteSpeed

    Hello everyone, I need advice about OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP f1-micro instance. 1) Module or WordPress plugin? Basically, is it worth to enable it or not?
  8. L

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP and ModSecurity

    Hello everyone, I need advice about OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP f1-micro instance. 1) Enabling ModSecurity will increase server security or not? 2) If it will increase security, is it worth to install vs resources limitations (f1-micro instance)?
  9. G

    Openlightspeed is not working with Google Load Balancer

    Hi there, I am new to OLS, I am OLS Cloud image Google Cloud platform. It's all working fine. But the issue is, OLS is not working with Google Load Balancer. Health check returning the unhealthy status of backend. Which I don't why? As you know if server IP is given back 200...