1. S

    Performance Problems on dedicated Server

    A friend of mine operates a Dedicated Root Server with the OpenLiteSpeed Server in a Docker container to serve multiple clients with their respective websites (all WordPress). All WordPress systems are on the latest version and use the LitespeedCache plugin in its latest version. Each of his...
  2. S

    LS reCaptcha Is Not Working

    I'm using cyberpanel with openlitespeed. I made the adjustments from the litespeed web admin panel but captcha is not showing.
  3. L

    DigitalOcean Wordpress Litespeed Droplet PHP 8 Compatibility?

    Hi there, My theme (according to developers) seems to be compatible with PHP 8... I've checked DigitalOcean > Marketplace > Litespeed... it's still "old" droplet with PHP 7.4 ... I don't really understand how to update everything myself, so maybe you can guide me in the right direction? 1...
  4. dendamir

    Error 404 Not Found

    Sorry for my english. Hello everyone! I recently updated CyberPanel to 2.1 and some hell of a thing started. First, the LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server license flew. And after its re-activation, the page of my site began to issue a 404 error on all pages except the home page. Can you please...
  5. M

    How to restrict wp-login.php only with ip address

    i try adding with .htaccess with condition below <Files wp-login.php> order deny,allow deny from all allow from x.x.x.x </Files> but i still manage to access wp-login.php, any suggestion or steps maybe how to restrict wp-login in litespeed wordpress? maybe in...
  6. A

    Install OAUTH on litespeed with ubuntu 18.04 server

    Im unable to Install OAUTH for php 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 on litespeed with ubuntu 18.04 server.. Can anyone help me... its urgent
  7. tanquang

    Does OpenLiteSpeed have memory limits (RAM) like LiteSpeed?

    I have a server with memory is 4 GB and I want to experience OpenLiteSpeed. However, at LiteSpeedTech comparison page, there is no mention of whether OpenLiteSpeed has memory limits, only LiteSpeed has a memory limit by package. I am concerned that OpenLiteSpeed also limits memory to 2 GB (2047...