Does OpenLiteSpeed have memory limits (RAM) like LiteSpeed?

I have a server with memory is 4 GB and I want to experience OpenLiteSpeed. However, at LiteSpeedTech comparison page, there is no mention of whether OpenLiteSpeed has memory limits, only LiteSpeed has a memory limit by package.
I am concerned that OpenLiteSpeed also limits memory to 2 GB (2047 MB) just like the free package of LiteSpeed.
And if OpenLiteSpeed also limits LiteSpeed-like memory, I will find a new webserver instead!
Please answer my question.
Thank you.
I installed OpenLiteSpeed, then installed CyberPanel. However, when I checked the header in F12, I was using the OpenLiteSpeed server but I was limited to 2047 MB on CyberPanel!
I don't know why?