load balancer

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    Openlitespeed wordpress behind Google Load Balancer

    I have installed wordpress on Google Cloud using the Openlitespeed image on Google Cloud Marketplace. The VM has a public IP associated with it and I have setup the wordpress along with the auto setup that happens on ssh to the public IP address of the instance. Now I want to put this instance...
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    Load balancer

    Hello :) I would like to implement a load balancer in Openlitespeed on 3 servers. I have 3 VPs servers and I think how to go about it, because the sites I have on the server are Wordpress (and therefore databases come into play). I understand that without replication of maria database load...
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    Openlightspeed is not working with Google Load Balancer

    Hi there, I am new to OLS, I am OLS Cloud image Google Cloud platform. It's all working fine. But the issue is, OLS is not working with Google Load Balancer. Health check returning the unhealthy status of backend. Which I don't why? As you know if server IP is given back 200...