Openlitespeed wordpress behind Google Load Balancer

I have installed wordpress on Google Cloud using the Openlitespeed image on Google Cloud Marketplace. The VM has a public IP associated with it and I have setup the wordpress along with the auto setup that happens on ssh to the public IP address of the instance. Now I want to put this instance behind a load balancer. But, when I hit the load balancer IP it is redirecting to the VM's public IP address. Do I need to make any configuration changes on the litespeed webadmin panel or inside wordpresss for this to work? I have been stuck for many days now.


Have you reserved a static IP for the load balancer and pointed a valid domain to it? If your WordPress' site URL is server IP, then it will redirect from the load balancer to the server IP.
Note, if you have LSCache, a GCP load balancer is not recommended since it won't recognize the purge request. Maybe you can consider using CDN to reduce some traffic and load to the origin server.
Yes I have reserved a static IP for the LP, and you are correct that was the problem, I forgot to change the WordPress site URL. It is pointing correctly now. I am using LB because of organizational policy.