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    ENV Path

    I am using OLS with Cyberpanel and have installed mailscanner with mailwatch gui. All works well but the software versions report is missing a value for postconf and clamav A similar issue was posted years ago for apache/nginx where the solution was to add env[PATH] =...
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    Configure memcached and redis

    I got working openlitespeed vm and installed all lsphp73-* packages where are also "lsphp73-mecached" and "lsphp73-redis" but I just installed "memcached" started and in WordPress Litespeed Cache plugin it shows that it's working with localhost set. Is there need for lsphp packages? Any...
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    Hide php version

    Hi guys first of all Happy New Year to everyone the issue am facing is i am unable to hide the php version in the php.ini i am using lsphp74 on centos 8 regards umair
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    Add lsphpXX-maxminddb PHP extension

    Hello. I suggest to add lsphpXX-maxminddb PHP extension (or maybe some other, LSAPI has a few list). Today I found OpenLiteSpeed for me, and try to build an localhost server on CentOS 8. But there is no lsphp74-maxminddb. Wiki says that it's possible to configure OLS for use MaxMind GeoIP...
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    Orphaned Long-running lsphp processes

    This is causing a big problem for me. This is a fresh install of CyberPanel which comes with OpenLitespeed. I just moved this site to lsws from apache. This problem was not happening on Apache. You can see here in htop the problem (lsphp): These will go on for a very long time. The script in...
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    PHP Commands

    How can I execute: /usr/local/lsws/lsphp56/bin/lsphp -d memory_limit=512M -f /home/domain/public_html/cron.php >> /home/domain/public_html/var/log/cron.log 2>&1 options -d memory_limit=512M -f no exist in lsphp Thks,