Add lsphpXX-maxminddb PHP extension

Hello. I suggest to add lsphpXX-maxminddb PHP extension (or maybe some other, LSAPI has a few list). Today I found OpenLiteSpeed for me, and try to build an localhost server on CentOS 8. But there is no lsphp74-maxminddb. Wiki says that it's possible to configure OLS for use MaxMind GeoIP:, but classic PHP has esp. extension for it: php-maxminddb (in Remi repo for example). Is it possible to add it to repo and/or install/configure custom RPM?
Actually, it would be great if we could have the src package for OLS and LSPHP for Debian/Ubuntu

We already have the src rpm from Remi, and I compilled some additional modules a few clients use, but when we are using Ubuntu or Debian, we have to download the extension source and compile it against the installed package. Every time we upgrade a server, we need to recompile the extension server per server again. It would be great to have the base src for Ubuntu and so have the chance to keep a own repository. :)


@WSairus Adding the maxminddb is currently not on our todo list but it can be added but it will be low priority at this time.

@paulozlx We have been discussing this internally but do not have an eta on if/when these will be available yet.