High memory consumption in lsphp to generate SSL certificate


I did several and several tests and I don't know how to proceed anymore.

I have a webserver using aaPanel + OLS v. 1.6.5. Everything works perfectly. My problem appears when I need generate SSL certificate. I realize that when I generate a certificate for a new website, the server load goes up considerably.

Using the top command, I realized that when a new certificate is generated, several lsphp processes are created, which causes high server usage.

I also realized, testing in another vm, that this problem does not happen when the number of sites using php on the server is small (I took a snapshot of the server, excludes all websites and left only one with php).

Has anyone had a similar situation?

Thanks in advance!


The question is who is handling the SSL certificate generation? aaPanel? If so, You should check with their support.

Suggest you just use Cyberpanel + OLS.
Thanks for the feedback!

I tested the exact same environment using Apache, and the high usage problem didn't happen, that's why I came here for help.

Is there any other test or log check that you suggest I check?

Thank you!