1. N

    How to change password for wordpress mysql database ?

    My website is live for some security reasons I want to change mysql database password. I can access what is the current password in /home/ubuntu/.db_password It has password stored like this wordpress_mysql_pass="old_password" , I need to change old_password with new_password. Where else do I...
  2. Y

    Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress. after upgrade php

    I upgraded php7.3 to php7.4 but it shows "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress". I search solution on google, it happens because I didn't install the MySQL extension yet. then I run this yum install lsphp74-mysqlnd. But Nothing change...
  3. H

    Unable to export whole database

    Hi, I am trying to export a mysql database from phpmyadmin which is 200mb, but when I export it only downloads 30mb Any suggestion will be appreciated, how do I download the whole database? "The size of dynamic response body is over the limit, response is truncated by web server. The limit is...
  4. S

    OLS can't access WordPress database hostname

    I have an Apache server with a few static html sites and one WordPress site already set up and running on it. I wanted to use OLS on this server and installed it successfully. I successfully set up Apache to listen to alternative ports for 80 and 443 (8080 & 44380) and let OLS listen to those...
  5. mahmud92

    Install mysql on existing openlitespeed server running on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi How to install mysql on openlitespeed running on ubuntu? I found documentation for centos but I am using ubuntu. Thanks.
  6. Sanchit009

    SQL BinLog is churning up my GCP space. What to do?

    I have recently installed openlightspeed wordpress and really impressed with the kind of speed it provides but still I'm seeing issues with the bin log files. Just like it has in bitnami. Now, anyone please guide me how can I add expire binlogs in my sql configuration via SSH.
  7. soliman18eg

    does anyone has an expiernce with AWS RDS with open lite speed ?

    I am looking to create RDS Maria db on AWS. and not sure how is this going to work anyone has experience let me know
  8. J

    Openlitspeed along with MySQL and not MariaDB

    Hi everyone, I want to install Openlitespeed on Ubuntu 18.04 with MySQL (not MariaDB). I tried to find some information on this but without success. It seems like Openlitespeed work only with MariaDB. The reason for this is I have some php app which have some compatibility issues whith MariaDB...